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Whats Your Life Style? Has Technology Made it Homogenous?

Many people argue that our lives are all becoming homogenous due to the vast quantities of media we consume, and the ‘westernisation’ of the whole world through globalisation of business and commerce. Yes, I’ll admit that McDonalds is pretty much everywhere, and if you want to avoid it, you’ll have to explore to a place unreachable by their teenage employees! But burgers aside, I tend to disagree with this whole story. Indeed I think that technology such as the internet, and communication tools such as the blog you’re reading right now, have done a lot to bring people together and occasionally experience the same entertainment, news or culture. But I also believe that the internet has created small – tight-knit niches i.e. small communities that have effectively divided everyone up again.

From cooking sites to Momsnet. From Stock tips websites to alcoholics anonymous style groups – we have created what social media experts refer to as ‘tribes’. Humans naturally group together, and there is no group that is more effective at communicating that a small group, and for that reason, I believe that people will always seek out their own individual life styles and leadership styles.

Whether you like it or not – a passion will lead you to a source of knowledge, and around that source of knowledge will grow a community, and by engaging with the knowledge, you become part of that group, and enter your own little world. As everyone has their own unique combination of passions, this will lead to their own group of cliches, and from that will form a patchwork life style grown from that combination.

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