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New Category: Personal Finance

Happiness. The subject of this website, and no doubt millions of discussions between friends, family and colleagues across the world every week. We all use the phrase ‘money won’t buy you happiness’, but at the same time, we appreciate that richer people are generally more successful, confident and can use their money to pursue lifelong goals and reduce their pressure to work silly hours to simply pay their mortgage. You could say that money doesn’t buy you happiness, but it does remove a lot of worries and concerns that may be forming a barrier between oneself and their happiness!

As a result, I’ve decided to begin writing more about money topics on Succeed At Life. I’m an experienced financial writer, and believe that I have much to offer the community here through my money tips. If you agree, please watch this space for more financial content, and share the articles with your friends if you find the articles useful!

Topics I will be discussing: Buying Shares Online, How to Invest in Commodities, Savings Accounts, & Retiring Early!

Do any of these topics sound like they interest you? Let me know, and give suggestions for future content by leaving a comment below!

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