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Succeed Financially in 2011

Getting financially ahead of the game can be an incredibly difficult task; however, planning early and getting in the right frame of mind will point you in the right direction. Succeeding at life and succeeding financially really go hand in hand, and the same principles apply. It’s about being motivated, focused and having a clear plan of action. First things first – Set your financial objectives To succeed...

How to Write an Effective To-Do List

To-Definately-Do One problem I come across often, is how people tend to write to-do lists as a ”things I”d like to get done” list instead. This is throwing away 60% of the usefulness of a to-do list without realising it. A to-do list that genuinely motivates, is not just a place to write tasks so you do not forget. It is where you can schedule when and how you will do each task. It is closer to a...

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